Rubber Flooring

This product is very popular flooring choice for taxi and other commercial vehicles. This product comes in 3 different designs namely:
1) Coin
2) Diamond
3) Checkered
This product is 3mm in thickness and 1.6 Meters wide. This product can be used for commercial and residential use – ANTI SLIP

PVC Flooring

We stock a variety of PVC Flooring used for commercial and residential purposes
We have a PVC flooring in 3 Different designs
1) Coin Design – this is a 2 Meter width and ideal for commercial vehicle flooring
2) Coin Design With Felt Backing – this is a 1.7 Meter width
3) Rough print / Ground Print – this is ideal for the front areas of all commercial vehicles


Our carpets come in 2 designs ribbed and velour.
The ribbed carpet is a 700GSM carpet and the width is a 1.83 meter width.
Velour carpet is a 650GSM and the width is 1.75 Meter width.
We have a variety of colours to choose from, these products are mainly used for flooring in commercial and personal vehicles. The Green and Red Ribbed carpet is very popular for the Catering industry especially weddings and the product is used for aisles.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is the ideal flooring for rooftop terraces, gardens and public spaces.
This product can be used residentially and commercially as well as in the catering industry.