Foam and Fillers


We keep a range of foam for all upholstery needs, our product range includes:
1) High Density Foam 2) Medium Density Foam 3) Low Density Foam
Each of the different densities have different application within the Upholstery Industry.
For seating, padding, mattresses and much more, we keep foam sheets in a 1370X1880 which is the ideal size for all upholstery needs and different thickness ranging from 6mm – 150mm
We can also order cut size foam and shaped foam on customer requests.


Dacron is also known as FIBRE. This product works very well as a softner which can be used around the foam to give the seats or backrest of a sofa a soft feel.
We stock 3 types of DACRON 1) 100 GRAM 2) 135 GRAM 3) 200 GRAM


Chip foam is ideal for pillows, fillers and mattresses.
We stock a 2kg chip foam pack which is the ideal amount when doing upholstery and chip foam sheets which is available from 25mm up to 150mm


This product is also known as BALL FIBRE , which is typically used for filling PILLOWS
We stock the Ball Fibre and Comforrel in a 1kg an 2kg BAG