PVC, Ripstop and Tarps

Super Clear Plastic

Super clear plastic is available in different weights:
1) 220 micron
2) 250 micron
3) 400 micron
4) 800 micron
Each of the different weights have different applications. The 400 and 800 micron are both U.V protected and are suitable for outdoor usage. This product can be used for tent windows , car windows , sofa covers and luggage covers.

Ripstop Canvas

The name says it all, Ripstop canvas or fabrics are woven using a special technique that’s makes them resistant to tearing and ripping.
Ripstop Canvas Fabrics are typically used for tents, bags, kites, parachutes, sails and outdoor clothing.
Ripstop canvas comes in a 180cm width and 400/440GSM. These fabrics are U.V coated and water resistant

D600/Oxford Nylon

D600 is a woven nylon or polyester material that has a P.V.C backing, this allows for the product to be water resistant.
Typically this product is used for luggage, car seat covers, furniture covers, rifle bags and much more.

Stretch Tent

Our stretch tent fabric is a beautifully designed coated fabric which was made to service the semi-permanent and rental market for stretch tents.
This product is typically used in the catering industry for weddings and other outdoor events.

Tonneau Cover

This product is a coated product on either side, with a special resin which makes the product water proof.
This product is mainly used for bakkie covers.
Products which go hand in hand with tonneau cover are products such as aluminium strips, bows and hooks.


This product is a coated product. A polyester base cloth is coated on either side to create a tough and durable product.
This product is also known as reinforced P.V.C. The product can be used for Jumping castles, Tent Floors, Truck Sails, Covers, Bags, Banners and much more.
This product comes in different widths and the most popular is a 3 Meter width and 1.5 Meter Width.


Polyweave is a woven product which has U.V and water proofing compounds which allows the product to be more durable outdoors.
This product can be used for ground sheets, bags, furniture covers and much more.


Polyprop is a woven product which is available in a 91cm width and a 1.8m width.
This product can be used for lining on sofas.